Chamfer Management B.V.

Freelance Project Management Professional, specialised in ERP:

Portfolio Manager - Program Manager - Project Director - Project Manager


Realize Digital Strategy


ERP implementations are like a brilliant cut diamond... All facets of the project must be prepared and executed properly, to reflect all your business needs


  • The project manager has one goal: the successful completion of a project
  • Projects require vision and ownership from the business
  • The project team delivers all that is required to run the project or to handover the project to the daily business. No more. No less.
  • The stakeholders know better
  • Alignment between the stakeholders is key to the success of a project
  • The project manager is there to get the act together
  • The project manager manages the project processes, not the content

Business Model

  • The project manager works as a freelancer, so he has no other interest besides running the project in the best way possible
  • The focus is on companies, including those with an international presence, with complex, high-profile, multi-location ERP related projects
  • The project management activities are based on a daily rate


Business Strategy

  • Because it is very difficult to match supply and demand with respect to project management skills, an extensive network of former clients, agencies and contacts is maintained, who know when to contact Chamfer Management B.V.
  • The project manager participates in relevant events and memberships (e.g. board member of the Dutch Dynamics Community, member of the Dynamics Society)
  • Actively supporting my network to match freelancers with clients
  • 1 day of advice for free
  • Minimally 5% of the turnover is invested in permanent education, coaching, advice, support, and management literature


Value proposition

  • The expected benefits and business case are integrated in the overall project approach
  • Work most of the time onsite where work is done
  • Add and share significant project management knowledge and experience
  • Bridge the gaps between the business and IT, client and suppliers
  • Match the project approach with the project maturity level of the stakeholders
  • Coach and challenge the stakeholders to the next level
  • Collect, structure, and align all available information and suggestions
  • Create an integrated project plan and detailed product (deliverable) descriptions
  • Get the best out of the available team
  • Added value every day
  • Responds to emails within a day
  • Follow up on all actions
  • Maintain a “first time right” approach
  • The key qualities are: results-oriented, ethical, reliable, excellent self-control, and problem resolution skills



  • The project management activities are performed based on a daily rate, including travel & accommodation expenses in The Netherlands, excluding VAT
  • Other travel & accommodation expenses are invoiced at cost, including 5% administration fee
  • Business class seats apply for intercontinental flights
  • International travel up to 80%, for durations up to 2 weeks
  • Fees are available on request

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